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21. July 21

Apprentice start 2021

This week, a total of eleven junior employees started their training or studies with us.
In addition to packaging and media technologists, the prospective specialists are being trained as machine and system operators, warehouse specialists or industrial mechanics, all the way to electronics technicians for industrial engineering, which WEBER is offering for the first time this year. In addition, we offer two retrainees as industrial clerk and clerk for office management the chance for a new orientation in professional life. Our trainer Marion Ladkau presented the new trainees with "school bags" packed full of things to help the new recruits get off to a successful start in their first year of training.

We wish all new trainees a great start and successful training!

The start of the new year also marks the start of the hot application phase for the upcoming 2022 training year.
You can find out more and apply directly at

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