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17. August 22

Apprentice start 2022

This week, a total of five junior employees started their training with us.

The prospective specialists are being trained as machine and plant operators, packaging technologists and industrial clerks. On Monday, our trainer Marion Ladkau presented the new trainees with "school bags" packed full of things to help them get off to a successful start in their first year of training.

On Tuesday, all the trainees went straight to team training at Lake Möhne. Sarah Schmiemann, our newly trained and directly taken over trainee, was able to plan an interesting day for the new junior staff: in addition to archery, she prepared numerous other team-building games and tasks, which should bring the existing group of trainees together more intensively, as well as quickly integrate the new trainees. The results speak for themselves and could also be captured pictorially in numerous photos.

We wish all new trainees a great start and a successful training!

The start of the new year also marks the beginning of the hot application phase for the upcoming training year 2023.

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