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27. June 22

Marsupials in top form despite heat

There was no need to heat up the WEBER team on Wednesday: At a cozy 27 degrees, a hard core of employees completed the 10th Sparkasse company run at Lake Möhne. With more than 3,000 "fellow runners", the marsupials (as the WEBER employees are also called in professional running circles) circled part of the lake in high spirits. The whole thing was extremely successful, because all of them arrived alive, despite previous doubts. We would like to emphasize that there was not even much time for training since the last company run. After all, the last run did not take place a year before, as usual, but in September due to corona. Due to the short time span of only 9 months, some bag makers had understandably not managed to lace up their running shoes. Therefore, we were all the more proud of our team and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening together with pizza, bratwurst and one or the other cold drink under the WEBER pavilion.

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