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20. April 22

bloom guard paper sleeve now without metal clips

We are known in the green industry for our innovative packaging and continue to optimize our bloom guard products.

The sustainable packaging for herbs, lettuce, vegetables and plants are usually blocked 50 pieces each for easy filling and tearing off.
By popular customer request, the paper bags are no longer held together with a metal clip, but glued with a newly developed technique. This has the great advantage that the packaging is completely free of foreign bodies, which is very positive, especially with regard to food safety. Whereas the paper bags were previously only held together at certain points on the block by the staples, the gluing process allows them to be fixed across the entire width of the bag.

"We are pleased, especially with regard to the topic of "Food Safety", that we can now offer our bloom guard on the block without metal clips," says Thomas Leithe, Key Account Manager at WEBER Verpackungen. "Especially for our customers from the vegetable, salad and herb sectors, this optimization is another reason to opt for the bloom guard."

WEBER Verpackungen offers packaging with a wide range of variants, both completely made of paper and as a paper/film combination. Using production techniques developed in-house on state-of-the-art production lines, the packaging can be customized to meet customers' individual needs.

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