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14. December 22

The first 100% paper resealable bag

True to the motto "the best comes at the end", we would like to introduce you to a world first at the end of the year: reLoc Bag - The first reclosable bag made of 100% paper.

The reLoc Bag is THE plastic-free alternative to pressure seal or zip-lock bags made of film.

The reinforced flap and innovative resealing technologyensure that the reLoc Bag can be opened and resealed very often. A very efficient production process makes this sustainable packaging a readily available, affordable as well as high quality packaging solution.

The material specification of pure kraft paper and an optional transparent glassine paper for visibility into the bag makes the reLoc Bag an ideal replacement for expensive cardboard boxes and plastic pressure seal bags. The durable quality protects contents and the low volume saves on storage costs.

The 100% paper manufacturing is ideal for eco-minded product presentation and the wide range of uses are perfect for many different industries and products.

The innovative packaging solution is available in a variety of formats, and custom sizes are available upon request. We implement an advertising-effective, up to 10-color design according to your specifications using water-based inks.

You can buy the reLoc Bag in different formats as well as shipping units adapted to your company size right here in our online store.

For more product information about the reLoc Bag, click here.

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