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04. October 21

Gautschfeier 2021

A tradition that had almost been forgotten could now be carried out after all: The Gautschfest took place in the schoolyard of the Fritz-Henßler-Berufskolleg in Dortmund. Naturally, the event was held under Corona conditions, as all participants were required to pass a negative Corona test and the graduates were only allowed to bring one accompanying person to the otherwise much larger event.
It was therefore all the nicer that two graduating classes (2020 and 2021) of media technologists for printing, bookbinders and media designers were able to gather on the school's own grandstand.
During the ceremony, the young professionals were "thrown" head over heels into the cool water by their former vocational school teachers, which was loudly celebrated by the spectators present. Of course, no one missed out on the London Craft Beer that followed, and neither did refreshments at the specially organized ice cream van.
From WEBER Verpackungen, Lana Berger, Kathrin Domröse and Jonas Keul could finally be officially acquitted with the handing over of the Gautschbrief.
We congratulate them and wish them all a successful professional future at WEBER!

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