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21. September 21

Great team spirit at the company run

After the Sparkasse company run at Möhnesee was cancelled last year due to corona, it could finally take place again this year.

As we found out, the good training resolutions were unfortunately - the ninth year in a row - not successfully implemented. As always, there was no lack of excuses.

All the more remarkable that the entire team arrived more or less alive at the finish line. Despite difficult conditions: Right on time after the start of the run, a "refreshing", long-lasting heavy rain set in.

But since bag makers are not made of sugar, the atmosphere was still great and each individual was warmly welcomed by the WEBER team at the finish line. The rest of the evening was dry - at least with regard to the weather.

With cold drinks, bratwurst and noodles we let the evening end comfortably at our pavilion and forged new training resolutions.

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