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02. February 23

Brand new: Send Bag with side gusset

In response to many customer requests, our practical Send Bag is now also available with a side gusset. With this new product variant, the Send Bag family is now complete!

Our customers already know the cost-effective prices, the high quality and the practical use from our Send Bag with bottom gusset and our Send Bag flat bag. The Send Bag with side gusset offers even more volume!

So from now on everybody can choose the optimal fitting Send Bag!

100% recycled paper, full recyclability, short delivery routes, fast delivery times and low storage costs apply to all our Send Bags. They are already successfully used millions of times for online shipping. Of course, we print the send bags with up to 10 colors according to the customer's wishes. This way, a super practical and sustainable send bag also becomes a real eye-catcher.

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