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29. September 21

Kebag wins German Packaging Award in Gold

We have reason to celebrate, because our KEBAG has won the German Packaging Award in the category "Functionality and Convenience"! And it gets even better: yesterday at the FachPack award ceremony, the KEBAG also received the Gold Award, with which the jury honors particularly groundbreaking innovations from among the packaging award winners. The KEBAG, which we developed together with the Haepsi company, is an innovative packaging solution for kebabs.

The jury's assessment: "Almost everyone has eaten an aluminum foil-packed kebab. This packaging worthy of an award addresses a 2-fold material use. The kebab packaging optimizes packaging and transport from one source and with one material. The 2 in 1 solution means innovative process optimization for the kebab seller and consumer."

The KEBAG is completely recyclable and made of FSC-certified paper. Thanks to double-layer equipment and greaseproof paper, the KEBAG has an integrated thermal function that keeps the kebab warm. Other advantages include the integrated adhesive strip for easy sealing and the tear-open perforation for convenient consumption. In summary, the KEBAG is optimal for covering all steps with a single package (fill dumpling - pack - enjoy!).

We are delighted about the award and hope that as many kebab lovers as possible will soon be able to enjoy their kebabs in a sustainable way!

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