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20. May 20

New technical center put into operation

It is directly adjacent to our "old" administration building and cannot be overlooked due to its modern glass front: our new technical center has now been completely finished. With a floor space of approx. 400 m², it offers bag makers many new possibilities. The heart of the technical center is the training machine on the first floor, which was installed especially for training purposes.

On this machine, experienced colleagues show our trainees how to operate our modern production equipment and ensure a trouble-free production process. As the training takes place away from the normal 3-shift operation, the contents can be optimally adapted to the needs and level of knowledge of the trainees. But it is not only the trainees who benefit from our technical center: on the upper floor there is a spacious recreation room which can be used by all employees. A kitchen, including a refrigerator and drinks machine, as well as attractive seating invite you to take a leisurely break. And if you really want to switch off, simply sit down in front of the wall with its alpine panorama and enjoy the view over the Westerhaar. Further modern office, social, training and meeting rooms allow us to work flexibly in a pleasant working atmosphere.

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