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28. June 24

Tütenmacher at the company run around the Möhne

Together with 5000 other participants, the Tütenmacher team mastered the almost 7 km long circular route of the Soest district company run with flying colors.

A small part of the group, who wish to remain anonymous, almost failed the challenge of starting on time. The walk from the parking lot to the WEBER pavilion was a time-consuming experience.

In bright sunshine and a crisp 30°, we were able to start sweating together at 7 pm.

Less than 40 minutes later, the first bag makers crossed the finish line with beaming faces.

At the end, they cooled off with a dip in the Möhne!
All those not so keen on water cooled down with cold (isotonic) drinks.

Thanks to everyone who ran with us and cheered us on!

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