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12. September 22

Our junior staff discover paper production

On August 31, 2022, the focus for our apprentices and dual students was on looking beyond their own horizons: they were able to experience live and in color how our most important raw material, paper, is actually produced. All 19 trainees went to Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper. The state-of-the-art paper mill in Hagen-Kabel specializes in premium graphic papers. Its own water treatment system, huge company premises, generous storage capacities and enormous machines impressively demonstrated the dimensions of paper production.
If the prospective paper engineer would have preferred to remain standing for hours at the heart of paper production, the actual paper machine, the future warehouse specialist was particularly impressed by the self-propelled forklifts on the huge premises. For all of them, however, it became clear how raw material and energy-intensive paper production still is and how innovative and research-intensive the production process is.

In summary, everyone, from industrial clerks to media technologists in printing, was impressed and will probably drive forward paper processing at our company with a little more awe in the future.

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