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16. January 20

WEBER is audited according to SMETA

Already last year 2019 we were certified according to the SMETA standard. SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and is one of the most widely used concepts in the field of social audits worldwide (60,000 Sedex members in 180 countries).
SMETA focuses on working conditions, occupational health and safety, environmental management, sustainability and business ethics. Among other things, minimum standards for hygiene and safety in the workplace, fair pay and labor law (e.g. working hours & breaks) are to be complied with.

During the audit, WEBER Verpackungen employees, among others, were invited by the auditor for interviews. In these voluntary and strictly confidential discussions, the employees' perceptions of the various social-ethical topics at WEBER were mapped with the help of various questions.

The basis is the ETI Base Code (Ethical Trading Initiative), which is based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and is an internationally recognized code for the world of work.
This ETI Base Code is a supplement for our certification according to the UPU Code of Conduct. By being certified to the UPU Code of Conduct, we ensure compliance with global requirements for ethical and moral behavior, as well as the requirements of proper behavior under competition and antitrust laws.

We are pleased about this successful audit!

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